Sell the book

We encourage the promotion and sale of the book via your websites.
How this works

We create a unique webpage with some information of the book and a link to guide your visitors to Paypal secure website. If your visitors buy the book, Paypal will advise us for the buyer's  payment, his mail address and your valid email with paypall.
We will send you an email before delivering the book and cdrom to the buyer. We will not need any reply by you.
If you want to proceed and sell Pocket Aviation from your website you should:

  1. Click and save the page in your hard disk. Click here

  2. Open the webpage with a notepad and replace your_email_goes_here with your valid email with Paypal. [It is on line 73 of the source code]

  3. Publish this webpage in your website and guide your visitors to this page

  4. Create a Paypal account with the same email or use an excisting valid email with paypal.
    This is cost free and you will be able to receive your profit of 8 per book sold.

Translate the book

We encourage translation of  Pocket Aviation™ to other languages.
If you have a good knowledge of English, high level experience with paragliding and free time, please feel free to contact us  for the needed permission and arrangements.

Contact us

Panayiotis Kaniamos - Pocket Aviation, Chorikon 4, 16675 Glyfada Athens Greece
Tel.: 0030 - 2109680620  or  0030 - 6944222869 Email:    Web: