“Pocket Aviation: A guide to paragliding” was written out of love for the sport of free-flight paragliding.
The author, being a paragliding champion and instructor, has endeavored to pass on his knowledge meticulously and consistently. He enclosed all his experience and enthusiasm while writing the handbook. He was able to see its results in practice instructing his students and thus improve the content of his previous book written back in 1997. Sense of humour, the use of simple instructions and the ampleness of chapters involved show the willingness of its contributors.
In his effort, the author was fortunate to have an editing done by Dennis Pagen who embraced the handbookPocket Aviation

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Dennis Pagen USA:
I see the quality of the book and the professionalism of the layout and illustrations.
Cross Country magazine UK: A fantastic book
Mark Andrews Canada: The best paragliding manual I have read                                             See Intro

Preface to pocket aviation by Dennis Pagen

I first met Panayiotis Kaniamos in 1998 on one of my numerous trips to Greece. I was immediately struck by his love of
paragliding and his determination to share his extensive knowledge of the sport with his fellow pilots. He soon showed the Greek version of Pocket Aviation to me.
Even with my limited knowledge of the Greek language, I immediately could see the quality of the book and the professionalism of the layout and illustrations. It appeared that Panayiotis had come up with a good book that his countrymen could use as a learning (and teaching) tool.
When Panayiotis introduced the idea of an English translation of his book and a companion CD, I was happy to see that he wished to expand on the reach of this product through a different language and the widespread CD media.
We jumped at the chance to publish it and bring it to a wider audience. Panayiotis’unique perspective and his extensive research combine to render this book one of the best introduction book to the beautiful sport of paragliding.
I wish you all the best in your quest for adventure in the air. With safety in mind and this book-CD set as a guide, you are
sure to expand your horizons.
Dennis Pagen

The author: Panayiotis Kaniamos
Pocket Aviation™ c/o Panayiotis Kaniamos Chorikon 4 16675 Athens Greece
Tel:0030 2109680620 Email: info@paragliding.gr
Book Updates, corrections can be found on www.paragliding.org/book 

ISBN 960-90460-1-0   Pocket Aviation™ - A Guide to Paragliding

International copyright © 1997-2012 by Panayiotis Kaniamos and Pocket Aviation™
All rights reserved: No part of this publication may be reproduced, translated into any other language or transmitted in any form or by any means in any part of the world without the prior permission of the author/publisher.

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