“Pocket Aviation: A guide to paragliding” was written out of love for the sport of free-flight paragliding. The author, being a paragliding champion and instructor, has endeavored to pass on his knowledge meticulously and consistently. He enclosed all his experience and enthusiasm while writing the handbook. He was able to see its results in practice instructing his students and thus improve the content of his previous book written back in 1997. Sense of humour, the use of simple instructions and the ampleness of chapters involved show the willingness of its contributors.
In his effort, the author was fortunate to have an editing done by Dennis Pagen who embraced the handbook.
“Pocket Aviation” is accompanied with a cd-rom and offers on line information and updates.


Dennis Pagen USA: I see the quality of the book and the professionalism of the layout and illustrations.
Cross Country magazine UK: A fantastic book
Mark Andrews Canada: The best paragliding manual I have read

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