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Book Review from Mark Andrews “The best paragliding manual I have read: http://marksparaglidingpages.com/index.php?action=news&newsid=148
Mark Andrews

...It appeared that Panayiotis had come up with a good book that his countrymen could use as a learning and teaching tool.
Dennis Pagen

The author, former Greek paragliding champion Panayiotis Kaniamos, has collaborated with Dennis Pagen to produce this new English edition of this fantastic book.
Simply written with clear illustrations, this 248 page book even manages to squeeze in a little humour... one page is dedicated to helping you recognise your signs of addiction, evident when you name your dog 'rotor' and you only consider losing weight if it'd help you get into the middle of the weight-range...
Cross Country Magazine

Excellent work my friend
Sent me 20 copies
Tony Delaney
Airborne UK

I reviewed it and think it would sell well in my paragliding shop.
Granger Banks
President Parasoft PG
USHGA Advanced Tandem Instructor

I am thinking to translate your book in Mongolian language as handbook, because your book has nice illustrations, and very informative.
Baasanbat Tsagaan,

Thank you very much for the very informative book and CD/DVD! We will definitely put a lot of the knowledge in there to good use!
Debbie & Billie Jennings
United Kingdom

Way cool. Thanks and it is posted at XtremeBigAir.com and BigAirParagliding.com
Kinsley Wong

It has been great pre reading and has increased my desire to complete the course.
Again many thanks
Bob Warren

I would be glade to translate your book title " Pocket Aviation " in to Persian.
Abdolrasoul Almasi

Firstly, i congratulate for your perfect book.
I am new to paragliding, now i'm receiving training at weekends.
Thank you for your cooperation. I hope i continue to love free flight paragliding ("Yamac Parasutu" in Turkish).
Zulfi Guren

The online version is terrific, and I'm really looking forward to receiving the real thing.
Well done and thanks again for writing it !
Colin Asplin
New Zealand

Great, we would like to start with 20 books.
Steve Mayer

I am interested in translating your book to spanish and also to sell it in my website.
Chris Fernandez del Valle
Gran Canarias Spain

I am attaching the doc I translated for my friends.
Alin Parv

I would like to carry this item in our store.
Chad Bastian
Santa Barbara USA

I've visited your website, and I've found your handbook very exhaustive and interesting.
Reka Boros

I loved the book and I will keep promoting to my pilots
Mark Mitsos

I am a paragliding instructor living in Turkey and I am interested in translating the book into Turkish.

Please protect the book, due to bad handling here by post.
Misir Hanivoram

I am the editor of a paragliding club magazine www.online-brochures.net and I was hoping that you might let me publish extracts of your book in the magazine.
Jason Andrews

Panayiotisa Kaniamosa (in Croatian) :)
Experts did translation, lecture and review, so the book is really done by the highest standards.
Sinisa Pintar

Θελω βιβλία σου.Συνχαρητηρια.
Χριστάκης Ιωάννου

Μπράβο Παναγιώτη. Ειμαι σιγουρος οτι σε κάνει περήφανο, οπως και εμάς
Μάνος κυριακάκης
World Citizen

Πολύ καλό Παναγιώτη, συγχαρητήρια.
Η συνεργασία με τον Dennis Pagen αποτελεί παγκόσμια προβολή του Eλληνικού paragliding.
Κώστας Πικρός

17 March 2006

Associations on the web: www.hgfa.asn.au is the correct address to Australian association. Thanks Mark Mitsos

2 March 2006

New content added to Certification Agencies. See more ...

1 March 2006
We have interesting reviews here:

1. Cross Country magazine UK
2. Mark's paragliding pages Canada
3. Dennis Pagen wrote:
I first met Panayiotis Kaniamos in 1998 on one of my numerous trips to Greece. I was immediately struck by his love of paragliding and his determination to share his extensive knowledge of the sport with his fellow pilots. He soon showed the Greek version of Pocket Aviation to me. Even with my limited knowledge of the Greek language, I immediately could see the quality of the book and the professionalism of the layout and illustrations. It appeared that Panayiotis had come up with a good book that his countrymen could use as a learning (and teaching) tool.
When Panayiotis introduced the idea of an English translation of his book and a companion CD, I was happy to see that he wished to expand on the reach of this product through a different language and the widespread CD media. We jumped at the chance to publish it and bring it to a wider audience. Panayiotis’unique perspective and his extensive research combine to render this book one of the best introduction book to the beautiful sport of paragliding.
I wish you all the best in your quest for adventure in the air. With safety in mind and this book-CD set as a guide, you are sure to expand your horizons.

25 Jan 2006

A mistake found on page 235 PWC Results 2002. The correct winners are:

PWC 2002

1. Alex Hofer, Sui (Gin Boomerang)
2. Scotty Marion (USA)
3. Jean-Marc Caron (France)

Petra Krausova CZ
2. Louise Crandal, DEN (Gin Boomerang)
3. Elisabeth Rauchenberger, SWI (Gin Boomerang)   Furthermore we added pwc 2003 and 2004 results on the website

The Protection cover of the book can be removed after wear and tear

Dear pilot,
“Pocket Aviation” A guide to paragliding was written out of love for the sport of free flight paragliding. The expectation of the contributors is to share our experience with all level of pilots. Safety is our principal and this is obvious in this handbook.
We would be obliged if you would point to us any misunderstanding or error observed. We will keep an open dialog with any pilot that wishes to contribute. We will, of course, keep you informed through our website of any corrections, new ideas, articles, etc. Please visit our website www.paragliding.org/book  from time to time.
Our effort for publicity and popularity of this handbook depends on your satisfaction of its contents and relevant cd-rom. You can always share your acquaintance with the handbook with other pilots and schools of your area as well as on www.paragliding.org/forum  .

We wish all of you long and safe flights. Fly high and land gently.
Panayiotis Kaniamos
Pocket Aviation


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