Screen Savers

  Install the Screensavers by following the instructions:

Advance Screen saver
Click the above link
Click save in your computer
Run the setup
Click Instalieren
Click Yes
Click Ok

Freex Screensaver
Download by clicking here. Save in your computer.
Extract the content of the zip file to C:\WINDOWS\
Then click with your right mouse button on your desktop and choose "properties".
Look for "Screensaver".
Click on it and choose "freeX" in the drop down menu.
Test if you want your new screen saver
Save settings

MadMikeKung Screensaver

Download by clicking above. Save in your computer.
Click the .exe and follow the instructions.

Pocket aviation Screensaver
Click the above link
Save on your computer
Run the .exe , Click Start
The Screen saver has been installed.

You can adjust most of the features. 
Right Click on your empty desktop, choose properties, then screensavers and finally settings.

Thanks Freex airsports, Advance and Mike Kung for offering these Screen savers